Music is the answer. Music is the Cure.

With a crazy year yeah behind us and what might be ahead of us, a lot of people relied on that "something" that helped them through it all. Whether it was friends, family video games, meditation, exercise, etc, everyone had something that eased the pain, at least a little. For myself, it was music. The way music can be embodied to recreate your mind is absolutely astonishing and completely under appreciated. I wanted to build a community of people around my brand that could feel the way I feel when I listen to music that spoke to me. "X" is a song that deals with anxiety, the logo used on the hoodies is the same logo of that on the artwork for the song. It has been the most relevant song for the biggest number of people, almost single handedly making a community of people who felt the exact same way. Through music, we are able to feel less alone, we are able to conquer fears, and we are able to guide and elevate our state of mind. The brand new development of "J.Saenz" apparel is meant to have a lasting impression on those who find fulfillment, pain, love, passion, and peace through music.